3 Loud Knocks


'Three Loud Knocks' is a series of three fifteen-minute films with quirky characters, delightfully animated stories and silly songs, all set in the town's elegant and beautiful Carnegie Library. They are a celebration of the town's rich heritage. 

It’s nighttime in Darwen’s beautiful library and Suzanne the librarian has gone home for the night. The kindly ghost of Mr Joseph Pomfret emerges from his portrait and begins to tidy up when the old library book lift mysteriously starts making noises and sending up stories from the town’s past. Carnegie the dog and Klever Kaff the singing hedgehog accompany Mr Pomfret on his charming adventures inside our historic library.

You can watch all three Episodes on our Youtube Channel here, or using the links from the drop-down menu above! We have also designed a free Creative Learning Resource pack which you can find out more about, here.